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The Traditional Three Year Retreat 

The traditional three year, three month and three day retreat is mainly dedicated to the practice of the Six Teachings of Naropa - the Path of Method. It is also called "The Six Yogas of Naropa".

A practitioner of the Six Teachings of Naropa who enters the traditional closed retreat stays and practices in the retreat center for a total of three years, three months and three days in order to finish one complete cycle of practice. After successfully completing such a retreat, the practitioner is normally well grounded in key practices. Many successful retreatants become qualified teachers.

A prospective retreatant is normally required to have a solid foundation in basic tantric practices. The six practices include Yoga of Tumo (mystic heat), Yoga of Illusory Body, Dream Yoga, Yoga of Radiant Light, Bardo Yoga and Yoga of Transferrance.

The practice of the Six Teachings of Naropa is an important part of the Kagyu lineage. See a brief introduction of the two-fold paths.


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